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eKindling, a non-profit organization located in both Los Angeles and New York,
is the exclusive and first deployers of the XO Laptops to educationally
under-served children in the Philippines. The objective was to design an identity
and website that was on par with the world's most-funded non-profits, and concisely
covey its tag line, "Ignite Minds. Inspire Dreams." As part of my philanthropic
efforts and at no cost, I delivered an identity, provided art direction for site's look
and feel, and designed print collateral.


eKindling - Supafrenz - Identity

  eKindling - Supafrenz - Identity

Interactive Art Direction

eKindling - Supafrenz - Website   eKindling - Supafrenz - Website
eKindling - Supafrenz - Website

  eKindling - Supafrenz - Website


eKindling - Supafrenz - Brochure   eKindling - Supafrenz - Brochure

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